Simple Cabled Hat

This was the first pattern I ever wrote down. I knitted the original for my brother when I was thinking of making him a present. His color has always been green, so that's why I chose it. Around the same time one of my friends, also a knitter, introduced me to Ravelry. Seeing so many other knitters and designers on the site inspired me to write down some of my own designs. So I started with this hat since I had just made it. It is so easy and straightforward. I had started a pattern collection on Ravelry with it.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that a lot of knitters liked it and made it. From all the feedback I was getting, I realized how I could improve it. For example, I didn't add more than one size. The size I made had fit an adult, but the first knitter who made it ended up with a toddler size hat from it. I didn't understand why this happened for the longest time, but added the gauge and it became a bit more manageable. It took a long time until I realized that my continental knitting was much looser than a beginner English style knitter's. Eventually, I added more details and a few extra sizes. It works, and it is still one of my best seller patterns. Probably because it is simple, and after so many revisions, it makes sense.

This is a new and edited version of the original cabled hat. The pattern includes three sizes. It is geared toward novice knitters who are ready to try cables.

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